Early Life

John and Edward Grimes were born on October 16, 1991, at the Rotunda Hospital in Dublin. John is the elder, by ten minutes. 

The twins were delivered three months early, at 28 weeks, and weighed just 2lb each. 

They were given only a 50 per cent chance of survival. Both spent weeks in an incubator before being allowed home.

Their father John said: 'They were so small and fragile, but thankfully they pulled through. They have always had a bond and I think it goes right back to that.'

Growing Up

The boys grew up in a large home in the village of Rathangan, Co Kildare, with their brother Kevin, who is a year older.

Their father John is a computer expert and their mother Susanna a secondary school teacher
Their parents wanted them to have a bedroom each, but they stayed together because they missed each other so much.

They boarded at The King's Hospital, a private £6,000-a-year school, in Dublin, until they were 12. John says they were bullied, physically and verbally.
'I think it was because we stuck out a lot,' he said. A local describes them as 'eternal oddballs'.

Their parents split up and they now live with Mum in Lucan, a suburb of Dublin. They attend the posh private Institute of Education. Their mother says they have always been 'music mad' and love Robbie Williams and the Backstreet Boys.

Last summer they scaled the four highest mountains in England, Ireland, Scotland and Wales for charity. 

They came 7th and 13th in an Irish schools' mountain run this year and John won a bronze in the 1500m at an under-19 indoor championships last March - Edward was fifth and six seconds slower.

X Factor

Simon Cowell detested their arrogance on sight, calling them 'vile little creatures who would step on their mother's head to have a hit'.

Their athletics teacher Ann McGee says she thinks the apparent cockiness is just an act. 'They're lovely lads and I think they are probably playing up to the camera.'

Their head teacher Jim D'Arcy agrees: 'Their persona on the show must be a bit staged because they're not arrogant. I've never had a second of trouble from them and the teachers love them.'

Described by an X Factor spokesman as 'truly very sweet boys', they have made a pact to sign their autograph for every fan who asks.

Edward says: 'We sign crazy stuff, from iPods to arms, to everything in the dictionary!

When the twins turned up to the X Factor auditions they already had their own style - blazers and high-top trainers they call 'runners'. Stylists then set about tweaking it all into the image we now know and love.

'Their look is based on the Eighties, which were in turn inspired by the Fifties, so there's the quiff, the jackets and drainpipes,' says Faye Sawyer.

The red shiny jackets the twins wore in Britney Spears week were made especially from patent leather, in homage to Britney's famous red catsuit. 

The jackets are likely to be auctioned in aid of the show's support for Great Ormond Street Hospital.

Last week's silver suits were from Topshop and stylists were still sticking tiny mirrors on the collars with hot glue guns ten minutes before John and Edward were due on stage.

'They are like male models. They can wear anything,' says Faye.


Which is Which?

Pay attention: there are several key differences. Edward has better skin and his teeth are a fraction snagglier.

The clearest giveaway is that John has a pointy right ear.

He also has pierced ears, a scar on his forehead and never stops talking.

John at 5ft 11in is about an inch taller than Edward, though they wear the same size clothes.

On the advice of producers, the twins have started to do the Ant and Dec trick of always standing in the same order to help people differentiate.

As you look at them, John is always on the left and Edward on the right.

Their Hair

The pair claim it takes only 'five seconds' and a dollop of gel to get their 3in quiffs ready in the morning. 

When they perform, though, their quiffs are backcombed, gelled and sprayed into submission by the studio hair and make-up team. 

According to chief stylist Faye Sawyer, when she first met them their hair was all sticking up 'like Rhydian on acid. 

We tried to tone it down and make it look more soft and more quiffy'.

One friend from Ireland says: 'They have always had the big hair.'

Not surprisingly, they are expected to land a big money deal to plug a haircare brand the minute they leave the show.

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