I'm back

OK guys I have to start by apologizing. I kind of forgot about this site. Well I'm back now and am going to try and improve this site.

First I've just been reading through some of the comments through the contact form and I apologize for not responding to them I will try to respond to as much as possible in the future.

After reading through the comments I'd just like to comment in general on some of the comments I've received.

Firstly. this is probably my fault for not explaining this sooner but a lot of the comments suggest that a lot of you think this is a site from the boys themselves. This is just a fansite that is run by a fan. 

Another comment I have received is asking whether I have met them. Yes I have met them numerous times. I am more than happy to help others meet them too. 

If you want to say anything or participate in the sites interact section please use the contact form and I will try my best to reply.
Guys if you have any suggestions of how I can improve this site please use the contact form to let me know. Don't worry I won't be offended, I'm just curious what you guys think.
Just added some photos and media. As there was so much photos and media to go through I only uploaded some of it but I will increase these sections in the future. If anyone has any photos or youtube videos they would like me to add to this site please use the contact form to send them to me.
Added information in the about section and added recent news in the news section

Welcome to Jedward Land

Welcome to Jedward Land. This is a fansite for all fans of the amazing X Factor twins John and Edward. This site is run by fans and is not an official site (although if you meet them feel free to tell them about it.) haha. Anyway please chat in the forum and if there is anything I have missed out on this site or anything you'd just like me to know feel free to use the contact form and let me know anything you like :) Also if you have any fan pics you would like me to add to the gallery please send them to me using the contact form and I'll make sure they get added.