Submit Your Fan Art

Please use the contact link to send me any fan art you have created. This can be anything from drawings to graphics to fan videos. I will display a selection here. Don't worry if yours is not showing as I will change them regularly.
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The One Word Game

This is the ONE WORD game!
Your job is to think of one word that best describes John and Edward. I bet you're thinking it sounds pretty simple right? Think again! The boys have talent, charisma, personality, sense of humor and many other characteristics that make them who they are - are you brave enough to attempt summing all of that up into just one word? Let's see what you can come up with! Submit your word using the contact form and if they're good enough, we'll put them up!
One more thing - words like HOT, CUTE, COOL etc won't make it onto this page!! We want you to use your imaginations! Break out the dictionary if you have to!

Fan Encounters

Have you met John and Edward... and would like to tell us about it? Send it to us and we'll post it online right here for everyone to read!!! Please use the contact form to send us your stories.